Proud Flesh Information & Treatment

What is Proud Flesh?

Proud flesh is an excessive growth of the normal tissue that the body produces to fill in healing wounds. Also known as exuberant granulation tissue, proud flesh often is a disfiguring growth that has a pink cauliflower appearance and also is accompanied by inflammation in the area. It occurs most commonly with injuries on the lower legs of horses but any wound that has been left open to heal rather than sutured closed is at risk of developing proud flesh.

Proud flesh can take on a "life of it's own" and creates a physical barrier to healing when it protrudes over the edges of the wound. If left untreated, proud flesh will be unsightly and can also continue to grow out of control causing abnormal movement and other health problems for the horse.

Treatment of Proud Flesh

While there are many products out there that claim to remove proud flesh, many poses a significant problem because they also destroy healthy cells that are needed for the area to properly heal. Many other topical solutions, ointment and powders that 'burn' off the granulated flesh also cause burns to the healthy tissue surrounding the would and cause further injury to the animal. Professional treatments include surgical removal, chemical cauterization or burning the granulation bed sometimes more than once and becomes expensive.

ProudFlesh CARE Ointment is an all natural approach to the attack of proud flesh. ProudFlesh CARE stops and prevents further growth of exuberant tissue. If proud flesh is present our ointment will eliminate it without harming the healthy tissue surrounding it. ProudFlesh CARE has been an effective ointment used for generation by horse people.

ProudFlesh CARE Ointment is an all natural solution to an age old problem without the harmful effects.