All Natural Formula That Quickly Removes Proud Flesh From All Animals

Passed down for generations by a true Florida Horse Ranch Family, proven over and over through the years, our all natural ProudFlesh CARE Ointment is a fast and effective treatment for proud flesh. ProudFlesh CARE stops and prevents further growth of exuberant tissue.

ProudFlesh CARE Ointment not only prevents the formation of proud flesh but eliminates it without harming healthy tissue. Eliminating the need for surgical removal, chemical cauterization or burning the granulation bed, all costly procedures.

ProudFlesh CARE Ointment is an all natural formula with a petroleum base that will adhere to the wound making those hard to bandage areas easy to treat. There are no ingredients that will dry out or burn the damaged tissue delaying the healing process.

ProudFlesh CARE Ointment is an all natural solution to an age old problem, without the harmful effects.